Wild West Race


Outrageous races in the wild west


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Wild West Race is a simple 2D racing game where you can ride both motorcycles and horses. Since it has an extremely level of difficulty, the game is especially recommended for children ... even though anyone would probably have a good time racing full speed on these outrageous tracks.

The gameplay in Wild West Race is simpler than in most similar games. Press the button to go and don't lift your finger until you cross the finish line. If you fall, crash, or have any other mishap, you just have to straighten out the motorcycle (or horse) and continue on your way. Unlike other more difficult games, it's impossible to fall off the bike or horse.

Your goal in Wild West Race is to try to get the best score possible, so you even if you do tricks along the way, fall in the mud, or run into an obstacle, you have to make sure you solve the problem quickly to get three stars in every level. In all, there are 24 different race tracks for you to show what you've got and come in first place.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher